ISM Designs a Backpack


Thorough down to the last detail...

We were inspired by classic bag design elements and combined desired features in ways that hadn’t been seen before. 



Emphasizing usefulness, without disregarding aesthetics

Bags made for tech are highly functional. We focused on their utility and disregarded anything that could detract from it. Endless pockets for organization became a simple separate laptop compartment with padding and a premium YKK waterproof zipper. 



Long lasting materials

The leather on our bags is full-grain leather, the highest tier of leather you can buy. It's something that beautifies with age and care. 

We also added a layer of water-resistant coating to the leather so that you can take your bag out in a drizzle and not worry about the leather staining. 


A focus on comfort, and everyday use

We added an extra layer of EVA foam padding on the shoulder straps for additional comfort. It's the same kind of padding that you'll find in a lot of hiking and sports bags because it forms softly into your shoulders when using it. 


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