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By Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

I have a weakness for tastefully designed backpacks.

It's not an easy task to design a bag that functions well for work but is still stylish enough to bring out at night. ISM accomplished just that with their minimalist backpack design and beautiful aesthetics. Every detail is intentionally designed to help keep you efficient and achieve more. Even the box it arrived in was tastefully executed. As a graphic designer myself, I know that packaging makes a big impact. Unboxing the packaging was an experience that let me know I was in for a real treat.


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I chose the Large Black Backpack, which is comprised of half full-grain leather, half-nylon. It features one zippered pocket and two pocket sleeves for your daily belongings. It also includes a separate water-resistant laptop compartment to keep your computer or tablet safe. By far my favorite feature is the thoughtfully designed side flap and inside pocket to hold the powerbank. Just slide your USB cord through the flap and charge your phone on the go. This is a game changer for me because I'm always in need of a charge.


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The cost of the backpack is modest and affordable. ISM cuts out the middleman and goes direct to consumer eliminating unnecessary mark up. 

Thanks again to ISM for providing me with the merchandise. All styling is my own!




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