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By Krum Dzhermanov (@cantimagineit)

Living a life on the go, running between university, work, travel and content creation I've learned that having your smart essentials with you at all times is crucial. Here the classic backpack from ISM has had me fully covered, allowing me to carry around my cameras, powerbanks, books, and sometimes even a second outfit to shoot with.

It is amazing how despite packing so much functionality, the Classic has a very clean design, which matches my style extremely well. One of my favourite things about the backpack is its brilliant structure that keeps it in perfect shape regardless of whether you carry just a bottle of water or half of your apartment.

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One underrated part of the bag that I love is its water-resistant materials. Being based in the UK, it rains a lot around here so knowing that my laptop and other tech gear will survive every time I am caught without an umbrella makes life so much easier.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the great power bank feature of this backpack. It allows me to charge my phone while on the go via the leather flap on the side.

A truly smart backpack, combining functionality, sleek and simplistic design, along with durability and premium quality. 

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See the Backpack

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