Sophisticated, modern take on the classic backpack


By Chase Reeves (@chasereeves)

A very sophisticated and classy take on the classic backpack, but with modern improvements for us tech-workers.

  • It’s a kind of “looks and feels nice” that isn’t just appearance. The organization is strong too. Separate laptop compartment, outer pocket, inner pockets, even a flap for charging your phone on the go.

  • The nylon and leather are excellent and give off a very Mercedes + Gucci kind of feel. I’ll bet it lasts for a long time, too.

  • The price isn’t *all* that bad given the quality of the materials and the functionality of the organization.

  • I *do* kind of wish there was some dimension in some of these smaller pockets built into the bag. Not a deal breaker though, since most of us buying the bag aredoing so for the high-fashion aesthetic.

  • All in all I think this guy did a great job with this bag.

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