I started with a bag because it’s the one thing that's always with me.

At home, in the office or on the go, I can work from anywhere -- as long as I have the right bag. It has to carry everything I need, without sacrificing the things I want.

I needed something that could simply and safely hold my tech, not dozens of zipper pockets that go unused. Something I’d be proud to carry all day, without it costing a month’s rent. A bag that would keep me light, not drag me down. An everyday carry made with luxury materials, without being fragile.

My bag did some of these, but not all of them. After my leather bag busted at the seams while I was en route to a meeting at a coffee shop, I set out to find solution.

I interviewed hundreds of creatives to learn what people wanted in an everyday carry. With help from industry experts and inspiration from my favorite designers, I pulled classic elements from their best designs and combined desired features in ways that hadn’t been seen before.


Bags made for tech are highly functional. I focused on their utility and disregarded anything that could detract from it. Endless pockets for organization became a simple separate laptop compartment with padding and a premium YKK waterproof zipper.

From durable hiking backpacks, I decided to use the same EVA foam and padding for the straps and back support of my bag.

After 82 tries, I had the digital designs and began to prototype.


15 iterations later, I put in the first order and production started. To my surprise, I shipped the bags to customers almost as quickly as I got them. The community around ISM gave us great feedback.

But there was a setback. The stitching wasn’t up to my standards, which meant finding a new production facility. Finding a great manufacturer though is difficult, like finding a diamond in the rough.

After months of searching for the right fit, I was introduced to a factory that makes bags for some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, and they agreed to produce the next shipment.


Knowing that industry leaders were using the same manufacturer, I had all the confidence I needed to provide customers with the bag they deserved. Bags that are made by the same hands and sourced with nearly identical materials as major brands that cost 3x - 5x more.

And that’s what our products are all about; luxury quality without the luxury tax. Don’t take my word for it, try one out - each bag comes with a 30 day trial and a lifetime warranty.

- Justin, Founder

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